250 candidates apply for a corporate job posting on average.

4-6 ever receive an interview call*

Is your CV a winner,

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Why an amazing resume?

You have great interview skills and you know how to draw first blood as soon as you enter the interview room. You have a charming personality and can crack any interview without breaking sweat. Your confidence is conspicuous and the interviewers just can't get enough of you.


And yet you are not getting interview calls.

Your resume could be letting you down!

Notwithstanding the fact that you are so good at interviews, if your resume isn't in the same league as yourself, forget about getting interview calls.

But crafting a resume is best left to professionals and not just any professionals but CV GUYS.



Form meets function at www.cvguys.com.

Not getting interview calls?

Your resume could be letting you down. If your current resume isn't amazing, it just won't get you the attention you deserve. Let your resume stand out with resume services offered by CVGUYS.COM.

We craft the most carefully worded and beautifully designed Resumes, Cover letters and LinkedIn Profiles.

With our service that's fast as light, you know we value your time. Our team has years of experience and is capable of creating flawless content for your resume that is geared to grab the attention of recruiters as well as the most sophisticated software (Applicant Tracking System or ATS).


Hey, we're letting you in on our secret recipe.

It's 2 parts art, 3 parts science, 2 and a half parts experience and 2 parts creativity. They are seasoned with the most flavorful ingredient - the uniqueness, for each resume we make.

That's that.

Just remember to keep it our little secret.

here's why you CHOOSE CVGUYS.com

"A lot of us for instance are very good at our jobs but absolutely hopeless at job interviews."

/ Karl Wiggins


this is what our customers are saying

Mike J.

Their turnaround time was really quick. After some modifications the resume turned out to be perfect

Emma B.

I had used a different service and was skeptical at first but I'm glad I chose cvguys.com

David H.

They delivered what they committed.  These guys know their business really well.


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